*Organizations listed for identification only.

Community &  Elected Leadership

  • Hon. Rob Bonta, CA State Assembly
  • Hon. Betty Yee, California State Controller
  • Hon. Loni Hancock,  CA State Senator (ret.)
  • Hon. Nicky Gonzalez Yuen, Trustee, Peralta Community College Board
  • Hon. Karen Weinstein, Trustee, Peralta Community College Board
  • Hon. Desley Brooks, Oakland City Council
  • Hon. Gabriel Quinto, Mayor, El Cerrito

Labor & Organizational Endorsements

  • Central Labor Council of Alameda County
  • SEIU Local 1021
  • Peralta Federation of Teachers (AFT Local 1603)
  • Oakland Education Association
  • Teamsters Union Local 2010
  • Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
  • Green Party of Alameda County
  • East Bay Times/Oakland Tribune
  • The East Bay Express
  • Oakland Block by Block Organizing Network “BBBON”

Oakland/East Bay  Community Leaders & Area 3 Residents

  • Aimee Allison, She The People, Democracy In Color
  • Doug Bloch, Political Director, Teamsters Area Council 7
  • Lailan Huen, Oakland Chinatown Organizer and Public School Educator
  • Joshua Fisher Lee, Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project (APYAL)
  • Michael Eisenscher, Instructor, Labor Studies, Laney College (ret)
  • Michael Kaufman, Co-Coordinator, No Coal in Oakland
  • Joseph Myers, Teamsters Local 2010
  • Susan Schacher, Oakland Tenants Union (Laney College Basic Skills Instructor, ret.)
  • Rhoda Terry, campaign treasurer
  • Alvina Wong, Asian Pacific Environmental Network
  • Agatha Hinman
  • Laura Watson
  • Naomi Schiff
  • Victoria Hamlin
  • Miguel Bryan Juteau
  • Victoria King
  • Jimmie Hooker
  • Charles Allen
  • Beth Kean

Peralta Community College District’s Faculty and Staff Leadership

  • Richard Thoele, SEIU 1021 Chapter President
  • Jennifer Shanoski, President, Peralta Federation of Teachers
  • Donald Moore, President, Peralta District-Wide Academic Senate (Laney College, Anthropology Instructor)
  • Cleavon Smith, President (2016-18), Peralta District-Wide Academic Senate (Berkeley City College English Instructor)
  • Fred Bourgoin, President, Laney College Academic Senate (Laney College Math Instructor)
  • Kelly Pernell, President, Berkeley City College Academic Senate (Berkeley City College Math Instructor)
  • Mario Rivas, President, Merritt College Academic Senate (Merritt College Psychology Instructors)
  • Michael Mills, (retired) Chair, Peralta Colleges Measure B Parcel Tax Citizens Oversight Committee, former President of the Peralta Colleges District-Wide Academic Senate, former President Peralta Federation of Teachers, (Berkeley City College Political Science Instructor- retired)
  • Robert Tracy, President, Laney College Classified Senate
  • Pinar Alscher, Laney College Academic Senate Curriculum C-Chair and Chemistry Instructor
  • Robert Brem, College of Alameda, Political Science Chair and Psychology Instructor
  • Peter Brown, Laney College Machine Technology Dept Instructor (ret.)
  • Alicia Caballero Christenson, Laney College Ethnic Studies Dept Chair
  • Roger Chung, Laney College, Director of Restoring Our Communities Initiative working with formerly incarcerated students, Ethnic Studies Instructor
  • Chelsea Cohen, Laney College Distance Ed coordinator and ESL Instructor
  • Chriss Foster, Merritt College English Dept Co-Chair
  • Scott Godfrey, Laney College Political Science Instructor
  • Janine Greer, Berkeley City College Health Educator
  • Scott Hoshida, Berkeley City College English Instructor
  • Blake Johnson, Laney College History Instructor
  • Kimberly King, Laney UMOJA Coordinator and Psychology Instructor
  • Evelyn Lord, Laney College Head Librarian
  • Jon Murphy, Merritt College Nursing Instructor
  • Kim Murphy, Merritt College Psychology Instructor
  • Vanson Nguyen, College of Alameda Math Instructor
  • Adrienne Oliver, Laney College, English and Basic Skills Instructor and former UMOJA coordinator
  • Kirsten Olson, Laney College Anthropology Instructor
  • Tai-Soon Park, Vice President, Peralta Federation of Teachers (Merritt College Math Instructor)
  • Jeff Sanseri, Peralta Federation of Teachers COPE Chair (College of Alameda, History Instructor)
  • Isella Santana, Merritt College English Dept Co-Chair
  • Tom Renbarger, Merritt College Physics Instructor
  • Chris Weidenbach, Laney College Professional Development Chair and English Instructor




*All organizational affiliations of individuals for identification purposes only.



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